Things to Consider When Looking for a Family for Your Baby

Things to Consider When Looking for a Family for Your Baby When going through the adoption process, choosing the family that will raise your child is arguably one of the most important parts. And because it is one of the most important part, it can often feel overwhelming. We are here to hopefully ease those […]

How to Talk to Family and Friends About your Plan to Adopt

Once you decide to adopt, you may be so over the moon with joy that you want to share your decision with friends and family.  In your exuberance, you may not even pause to think about what their reaction will be. Unfortunately, the process isn’t what you expect. For numerous reasons, some friends and family […]

What you Need to Know About Getting the Birth Father’s Permission for Adoption

When pursuing the adoption process, prospective moms and dads usually have a lot of questions.  However, no topic typically causes more anxiety than that of the birth father.  The birth father has feelings for the child and deserves respect and consideration. Just about every adoptive family has heard horror stories about a birth father that […]

Your Adoption Checklist

A checklist can help couples as they move through the adoption process. Many parents-to-be understand that adoption is a very complex process that involves several ups and downs. However, most can’t really grasp how emotionally-charged it can be until they are right in the thick of it. To deal with the uncertainty, many prospective adoptive […]

Looking to Adopt? Know your Adoption Options

  Adoption is about forming a brand new family.  While many people only think the process is only about a couple adopting a baby, the fact is there are several different types of adoptions available for all types of parents and children. Adoptions are generally handled by two types of agencies: Public agencies, which typically […]

What’s the difference between an adoption agency and a facilitator?

If you’re looking to adopt for the first time, you may not be aware that there are different types of professionals who can help you achieve your dream of having a family. In addition to traditional adoption agencies, you can also choose from adoption attorneys, consultants and facilitators. They should all help you achieve your […]

4 Benefits of Hiring an Adoption Agency

On the surface, the adoption process seems simple enough: You want a baby, you find a birth mother willing to share their precious bundle with you, and you adopt and raise the child. However, adoption is anything but that cut-and-dried. It is, in fact, a highly complex and emotionally-charged process. It is nearly impossible for […]

Tips to Prepare for a Home Study

When you’re looking to adopt, a home visit can be one of the most stressful parts of the process. After all, you know that you have all you need to provide for a child, but now you essentially have to prove that to a stranger who will examine all aspects of your life and home […]

What is an Open Adoption?

Open adoption provides a path for moms and families to work together. If you’ve been exploring adoption options, you’ve likely comes across the term “open adoption.” This is an adoption option that allows moms-to-be to have more say in adoption placement and in many cases allows future contact based on the desires of both families […]

My Teen Daughter Just Told Me She is Pregnant – Now What Do I Do?

It’s the news no parent of a young, teenage girl ever really wants to hear, but if those words “I’m pregnant” come out of her mouth, you are going to have to find a way to be calm and supportive. It can be hard trying to figure out where to go from here, so let’s […]