How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

Let’s be honest, teen pregnancy is hard. Often the most difficult task can be revealing your pregnancy to others – especially your parents.

You know the news is going to devastate them. Ever since you were little, they talked about nothing except how you would be going to college, following your dreams and having a terrific life. This is especially hard if you are the first one in your family going to college or even graduating from high school.

However, here’s the thing: You will feel better once you share your burden with your parents. They may respond with disbelief, disappointment or even anger, but try not to hold that against them. That likely will wear off with the surprise of your announcement.

Instead, let them know your thoughts and be positive about your path for the future.

Here are some tips for helping share your news with your parents:
 Find the right time. Sit down with them when they are relaxed, like in the living room in the evening or at the dinner table if you all eat together.
 Share your pregnancy news in a thoughtful manner. Do not approach them when they are busy or if you are running out the door to work. You want to have time to discuss your pregnancy not drop a bombshell announcement and leave. Most importantly, never spring your information on them in anger.
 Be prepared. Practice a conversation with a trusted friend if you need to. Anticipate their questions and formulate clear answers.
 Listen to their response. They will likely be concerned about your health and how this will impact your future plans. Give them an opportunity to absorb the information and let them help you through this process.
 Don’t wait too long. You need a chance to absorb the information as well, but remember that time moves on even if you’re not ready. Don’t hide your pregnancy by wearing bulky clothes and ignoring the inevitable. The sooner your parents know, the sooner they can provide you with the support you need and the three of you can develop a plan for the future. You’re going to need to decide if you’re keeping the baby or planning for an adoption. If you’re thinking about abortion, you may need parental consent.
 Be straightforward. Don’t drop little hints, pat your belly or buy a pair of baby booties to make your announcement. Be honest and look them in the eye.

If you need to, get help breaking the news to your parents. You are not alone. Share your pregnancy news with a trusted teacher, school counselor, religious leader, or even a special aunt. Ask them for their advice and see if they can be present when you share your news with your parents.

Remember, you know your parents best and when it comes down to it, they likely want what is best for you and your unborn baby.

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